How do I know if I need services?

If you've been experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar disorder, ADHD, Addiction, Loneliness, Abuse, PTSD, Anger, Oppositional and defiant behavior, Panic disorder, Social phobia, Irritability, Stress, Relationship conflict, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Lack of focus, etc., WE CAN HELP!

What type of insurance companies do you accept?

We currently accept Blue Cross, Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurances.

What if I'm not currently covered by an insurance company?

If you are not currently covered by an insurance company we can work with you to find a plan that fits your needs.  We also offer "Pay As You Go" service plans.  If you choose to pay for services as you go, we accept payment by cash or credit card.

What is EAP?

The Employment Assistance Program is an additional service that we offer pro bono to help community members get back on their feet and transition into the work force.

How do I apply for services?

Applying is easy.  Go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out a preliminary application.  Once submitted, someone at OLA will contact you to schedule your first visit where we will have a prepared application ready for you.    You can also call us directly at (208) 991-4296 and a representative can answer your questions and schedule you for a visit.

What will my first visit be like?

Upon your first visit, we will take 15 minutes to review each page of your application in order to answer your questions before you decide whether or not to proceed with our services.  We will then determine, together, your level of need and your availability for future services.

Once I'm approved for services, what kind of time commitment will services require?

Our services are tailored towards your individual needs.  As such, your time commitment is exactly that...YOURS.  You can dictate how much or how little to receive.  However, the usual minimum is a one hour therapy session with one of our in-house, State Licensed Providers on a weekly basis.  We will work with you during your first session to determine your needs, desires, and availability so that there is no confusion when it comes to future services. 

How do I sign up a loved one for your services?

We ask that, if you are here on behalf of a loved one, that you notify them of the services we offer.  You can fill out a preliminary application on our "Contact Us" page  for yourself and we will be happy to contact you to further discuss how we can proceed forward.  Please note, that the ultimate decision to receive services lies with the one who will be receiving the services.

Who do I contact if I have a unique situation not answered on your site?

If have additional questions not answered on this site, feel free to call our main office number at (208) 991-4296.  A knowledgable and courteous representative will be happy to further assist you.